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RYA Course Structure

The Royal Yachting Association course structure. What is your objective?

Competence - Enjoyment - The Ability to Bare Boat Charter
The RYA course and qualification structure for sail and power comprise assessed classroom theory and on water practical training courses to achieve satisfactory 'Course Completion Certificates'.

Professional Endorsement - Demonstrated Competence - Personal Achievement
In addition combined tough theory and practical assessment to achieve the RYA/MCA 'Certificate of Competence'.
Refer to RYA logbooks G15/98 or G18/98 for the training modules and practical experience (miles etc.) required for the various standards.

If you own a boat you may wish to undertake RYA training to keep it and you safe, and to affect insurance. If on the other hand you plan to charter then companies will require evidence of practical training to protect their boat, and their (don't forget your own) Insurance.
Anyone taking a British flagged vessel or chartering in the Med will require an ICC (International Certificate of Competence ICC), which is based on a Day Skipper practical Course Completion Certificate or greater.  In the UK it is up to individual charter companies as to what certificates they require clients to hold. In all cases ask the RYA training instructor for the applicable RYA Course Completion Certificate. Charter companies may additionally require less formal evidence of experience for other members of the crew.
Note the ICC or CCC certificates are quite different from the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore, or Yachtmaster Offshore Certificates of Competence for which you are more rigorously examined.

(course completion certificate)
analagous to driving lessons
Certificate of Competence

(formal practical qualifications)
analagous to a driving test
(course completion certificate)
analagous to driving lessons
Dayskipper ICC international certificate of competence Day skipper practical
Yachtmaster Coastal/Offshore RYA/MCA
Yachtmaster Coastal
Coastal skipper practical 
VHF Radio,    Diesel
First Aid,     Sea Survival
Yachtmaster Offshore
Yachtmaster Ocean RYA/MCA
Yachtmaster Ocean