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RYA  Courses in Sheffield.
Navigational skills to enhance your hobby.

If you own a boat you may consider RYA training to keep it safe, to keep you safe, and to affect insurance. On the other hand if you plan to hire then charter companies will require evidence of training to protect their boat, to protect their insurance.
Don't forget your own insurance.
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For a number of reasons, *and the current Coronavirus situation is a special reason*, some sailors choose e-learning. SailNorth offers both  Dayskipper, Yachtmaster, and Ocean Online in association with Skippers-OnLine (SOL). See both the subject page and the ONLINE page to obtain full sylabus and reduced price details.

Our usual Shorebased courses are classroom based and follow the RYA syllabus and testing. Courses progress over the winter months to allow adequate time to absorb the wide spread of knowledge within the subjects - an unrealistic aim when the theory is combined jointly with intensive practical courses.

At Sail North we have a wide experience sailing varied locations around the UK, Atlantic, Med, and USA. Interaction with other class members, recounting experiences, different methods, problems, anecdotes etc. all make for fun courses, a deeper appreciation, and developing contacts.

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  -Upload our favourite: boating pictures, trips, tips, and mistakes.
  -Facilitate local boat owners to find crew mates and visa-versa.
  -Recommend charterers and trainers.
  -Discuss navigation topics.


Autumn/Winter at Sheffield College or St Mary's Conference Centre, both Sheffield Central. Course teaching is supported using RYA documentation and Online. Use contact above to e-mail; alternatively message or call 07771 652123
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